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eISSN: 1643-3750

Natural history of children's hypersensitivity towards cow milk proteins

Dorota Korol, Maciej Kaczmarski

Med Sci Monit 1998; 4(6): CR1012-1018

ID: 451761


The aim of this study was to trace the natural history of hypersensitivity towards cow milk proteins in a group of 180 children of both sexes, aged between 2 months and 12 years, displaying different clinical symptoms (isolated - 19.9%, combined - 81.1%) of recurrent or chronic character. Based on the history, complex tests (IgEc,IgEs, prick-tests) and a positive food test, we determined the hypersensitivity towards cow milk proteins (100% of patients) and other products (66.6%) such as the white of an egg, citrus fruits, soya, chocolate and strawberries. We determined the role of the genetic factor (in 91.2% of patients) and environmental factors (mother and child nourishment, concomitant parasite diseases as well as digestive tract infections) which affected the genesis and dynamics of this disease. At the end of our study, most of the patients could intake the primarily harmful foods and the rapidity of acquiring tolerance depended on the type of trophoallergen and span of elimination diet used (milk: mean - 2.7 years; other product - 2-6 years).

Keywords: food allergy, cow milk, Natural History