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eISSN: 1643-3750

Blood and bone marrow in inflamatory liver cirrhosis

Anatol Panasiuk, Andrzej Kemona, Danuta Prokopowicz

Med Sci Monit 1997; 3(2): BR158-162

ID: 500629

Published: 1997-03-03

Infection with hepatotropic viruses frequently results in suppression of haematopoiesis and in some cases may lead to aplastic anaemia. Thirty six patients with postnecrotic liver disease were studied. Peripheral blood tests were performed in all subjects and postmortem bone marrow biopsy was done in 14 cases. Twenty five patients (69%) presented haematologic changes including anaemia (44%), leucopenia (17%), lymphocytopenia (33%). Haematopoietic tissue and haematopoietic microenvironment alterations were also observed: granulopoiesis suppression, increased number of plasmatic cells, increased activity of bone marrow phagocytic cels. Stromal swelling associated with mild increase in marrow reticulin was also noted.

Keywords: Liver Cirrhosis, virus B hepatitis infection, bone marrow morphology, Blood Cells