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eISSN: 1643-3750

Cyclophosphamide pulses - intravenous treatment in patients with primary glomerulonephritis

Zofia Billip-Boniecka, Ryszard Gellert, Elżbieta Goliat, Wojciech Marusza, Kazimierz Ostrowski

Med Sci Monit 1997; 3(2): CR190-193

ID: 500690

Published: 1997-03-03

The aim of the study was an evaluation of cyclophosphamide pulses treatment in 6 nephrotic syndrome patients with primary glomerulonephritis without renal failure but with contraindications to a steroid therapy. The medicine was given once a month, in 12 intravenous doses, 1000 mg each. After 6 month of this treatment an oedema disappeared and daily proteinuria decreased (from 13.8+-10.2g to 4.8+-4.4g) in all patients.The only observed side effects were as follows: nausea in 1 person and minimal transient increase of serum aminotransferases in all patients. In one year follow up (in 4 still observed patients) after this treatment, daily proteinuria was less than 1.0 g and kidneys were still sufficient. Conclusion: We propose such therapy as effective, safe and well tolerated.

Keywords: Glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, Cyclophosphamide