eISSN: 1643-3750


Scleroderma diffusa induced by long term exposure towards vibration - case report

Anna Sysa-Jędrzejowska, Anna Wozniacka, Jolanta D. Torzecka, Bożena Dziankowska-Bartkowiak

Med Sci Monit 1999; 5(6): CS1202-1205

ID: 503171

Published: 1999-11-01

We presented a rare case where long term exposure towards vibration induced the Raynaud's phenomenon, followed by diffuse scleroderma (SSc). The rapid development of internal organ changes, particularly in the lungs was confirmed by CT. The presence of Scl-70 antibodies confirmed the unfavourable prognosis.

Keywords: scleroderma diffusa, Vibration