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eISSN: 1643-3750

Value of non-invasive methods in assessment of adrenal function and bone status in asthma patients

Beata Kos-Kudła, Wojciech Pluskiewicz

Med Sci Monit 1999; 5(2): CR274-279

ID: 505131

Published: 1999-03-01

The aim of the study was to assess adrenal cortex function and skeletal status in female asthmatic patients. 26 women aged 44.8±9.9 years systemically treated with depot glucocorticoid (GC) and without GC-therapy were evaluated. Control group was formed of 19 healthy aged-matched women (mean age 41.8±7.4 years). The following endocrine tests were performed: short tetracosactrin ('Synacthen') test (SST) with salivary cortisol level measurement and 24-hour urinary excretion of free cortisol (UFC). Skeletal status was assessed using quantitative ultrasound of the heel. Speed of Sound (SOS) and Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation (BUA) were measured with Achilles (Lunar, USA). Suppression of adrenal function was observed in about half of patients with corticotherapy. Asthmatic patients not treated with glucocorticoids did not show alteration of adrenal function. Ultrasound values were significantly lower in asthma patients than in controls. Ultrasound parameters were lower in women with GC-therapy than in patients without use of GC, but the difference was significant only for SOS. The following SOS/BUA values were observed: in treated persons 1501.5±30.8/105.0±11.2, in not treated persons 1525.7±41.9/110.7±12.6, in controls 1545.0±32.1/120.4±7.7. Several instances of significant correlation between endocrinological and ultrasound values were noted in treated patients only (r=0.57-0.60, p

Keywords: quantitative ultrasound, skeletal status, adrenal function, Glucocorticoids, Asthma