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eISSN: 1643-3750

Rapid progression of myeloma during G-CSF therapy with absence of G-CSF and IL-6 receptors on the surface of tumor cells - a case report

Ivan Spicka, Adam Jirasek, Kristi‡an Koubek, Pavel Klener

Med Sci Monit 1999; 5(2): CS309-311

ID: 505138

Published: 1999-03-01

Rapid progression of multiple myeloma in 56-year old man with extensive extramedullary infiltrates after G-CSF therapy has been described. Using the panel of specific antibodies the expression of cytokine receptors, including G-CSF, GM-CSF and IL-6, in autopsy material was examined. No expression of cytokine receptors on tumor cells was found. On the contrary, high positivity of P-glycoprotein and another MDR associated protein - 24-34 kD protein - was observed.

Keywords: MDR, Cytokines, G-CSF, Multiple Myeloma